14 thoughts on “Weight Loss After Gallbladder Surgery !

  1. Saartje05

    You don’t have to stay away from greasy food after your operation. That’s ‘old fashion’. There are no restrictions.

  2. Saartje05

    I had my operation a week ago. It’s a breeze compared to a real attack. I don’t have any problems anymore.

  3. Luis Alvarez

    Well….That intense pain they all talk about, haven’t hit me yet !
    It’s been decided by my Doctors that , since I’m a Diabetic, they are going to pull it out before is too late.
    I’m just waiting on Insurance authorizations.
    Thank you so much for responding !!

  4. phillytomcat

    My pain started in my back, 9 hrs later I couldn’t take the pain no more and drove to the Hospital, I never had any sign’s leading up to this.. I was so infected they had to cut me open to get it out before it exploded.. I almost died !

  5. Luis Alvarez

    I’ve been feeling lately certain discomfort specially on my right-side lower rib cage and Dr.ordered and MRI and my gallbladder is pretty full with stones but the it is still fluids.
    Since I’m a Diabetic, he says I need to pull the gallbladder out ASAP….my question to you is, when you had your attack, did the pain suddenly hit you?…or was it gradual?
    Any comments or suggestion will be greatly appreciated !
    My email is: mrcubanguy@gmail.com
    Thank You !;

  6. rosy kistner

    I loose 3 pounds from the day I got my gallbladder remove Wednesday till today but I’m not eating like I was and when I think abouth pizza or hamburger I get nausea s don’t know why

  7. phillytomcat

    Hi, I was fine after , the only issue I had was the scar, I had an open procedure, and it got infected and healed while deforming my stomach so a 1 year later I had to have scar revision surgery to correct it cause it hurt like hell, now i feel back to normal,, Call you Dr. about this..

  8. MsBackstreetboys

    hi, got to have mine gall bladder removed, been suffering so much with it, but it looks like it causes just as much problem’s out as it did in, does it get better?

  9. unkiemonk

    I’d be cautious about intermittent fasting if I were you. Gall bladder issues and stones are often the result of fasting or irregular food consumption. Even after your gall bladder is removed, stones can still form in the liver/ bile duct. If you are predisposed to bile stones, fasting may cause the formation of new stones in the duct and liver, resulting in attacks just like those you had when you still had a gallbladder. 

  10. phillytomcat

    Since I have had Weight Loss Surgery there is no way I could even think of a Fasting Diet, Glad to hear it work’s for you..

  11. darryl hoogland

    hey bud…im a 43 yr old male in arizona and had mine taken out laproscopically.i have been over weight my whole life.i went down to 183 from 260…i do weight resistence and cardio but what i wanted to sugest to you is to look into and do some research on intermittent fasting.i have been doing it for almost a year it has alot of benefits to it not just weight loss..so go check it out and let me know what you think.i work out 6 days a week in a fasted state.its amazing and energizing..get back


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